Contact info:

Email: kirbins99@gmail.com 

Twitter: @kirbins_

Discord: Kirb#3051


General Terms:

Please have a clear outline of what you want the commission to be and provide references. Visual references are not required, but you must be able to provide a clear and detailed description of what you want. 

I am willing to draw NSFW but you must be 18+. At the moment I’m not willing to do overly complex backgrounds. 

I have the right to refuse a commission. If the commission has already been paid for and I decide to stop working on it, I will provide a full refund. 


Rights and Permissions:

Unless specified, commissions will automatically be for NON-COMMERCIAL USE. This means that you’re not allowed to sell or make merchandise the commissioned work. 

If you plan to commission me for commercial use, prices would need to be altered along with making formal contracts. 


Process and Payment:

ALL PAYMENTS ARE DONE THROUGH PAYPAL. My process involves sending a super rough sketch through email, discord, or Twitter DM, and if you're satisfied I will send you an invoice. I'll then keep you regularly updated on my progress. I normally like to finish commissions within two weeks, but if anything comes up I will let you know.



The commission will be non-refundable once it moves past the line art phase. 

As said before, if for some reason I’m unable to complete the commission I will provide you with a full refund. 

Once you have fully read and understood these terms, Please fill out this form with your preferred email of contact and I will get to you as soon as I can!